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The Jury of the 33rd edition of the Ettore Pozzoli International Piano Competition, at the end of a week of trials and an exciting final evening scheduled on Tuesday 3 October at the San Rocco Theater in Seregno (evening during which the competitors performed with the Milan Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrea Oddone), decided not to award the first prize in the event.

The jurors (Emanuele Arciuli – president -, Sa Chen, Katherine Chi, Alessandro Deljavan, Sofya Gulyak, Alexander Korsantia, Alexei Volodin) awarded the second prize to Vladimir Skomorokhov and Riito Shimata. In third place was Zixi Chen.

The Jury also awarded the following special prizes:

Zixi Chen receives the Rotary Se.De.Ca. Special Award. for the best performance of Beethoven’s Sonata;

to Antonio Alessandri the Special Award for the “Diventrò” project offered by the Bracco Foundation for young people;

to Momoko Kimura the Special Prize in memory of Angelo Biella and mons. Giuseppe Biella for the best execution of Ettore Pozzoli’s studies;

to Antonio Alessandri, as the youngest Italian competitor, the Special Prize in memory of the tenor Luigi Pontiggia;

to Jiayou Xu, as the youngest foreign competitor, the Special Prize in memory of maestro Giulio Confalonieri;

Riito Shimata was the most voted pianist in the special poll conducted among the public present at the final evening.


At the following link

The complete recording of the final evening is available.

Starting from minute 26.30, speeches by Alberto Rossi, mayor of Seregno, and Federica Perelli, councilor for Education, Culture and Library.

Starting from minute 2.53.07, speeches by Massimiliano Baggio, Marco Mazzolini, Riito Shimata, Vladimir Skomorokhov, Zixi Chen, Alberto Rossi.

At minute 3.35.40, the award ceremony for the semi-finalists Philip Thones and Antonio Alessandri (Alberto Rossi and Federica Perelli awarded).


delivery of the Rotary Se.De.Ca. Award at the hands of president Mario Meregalli;

delivery of the Diventrò Award from the Bracco Foundation by Luisa Longhi;

delivery of the Special Prizes “Angelo Biella and mons. Giuseppe Biella”, “Pontiggia Prize”, “Confalonieri Prize”;

delivery of the Public Award by Marco Mazzolini, general manager of Casa Ricordi;

award ceremony for the Third Place by the deputy mayor of Seregno William Viganò;

awards ceremony for the Second Places by Massimiliano Riva, president of Aeb.


Barbara Tartari and Marianna Musacchio hosted the evening.


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