To honor the memory of Ettore Pozzoli, illustrious composer, teacher and the pride of Italian music, an International Piano Competition has been held every two years since 1959 in his home town Seregno (Monza Brianza), Italy.


Admission is open to pianists of all nationalities born on or after the 1st January 1991.
An application process must be completed by filling in the form found on this website

Two video recording must be submitted by Sunday 30th April 2023 as indicated in the guidelines annexed to these rules.

The registration fee is € 90,00.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • identity document;
  • two recent half-length photographs in high-resolution digital format;
  • performance repertoire;
  • curriculum vitae
  • proof of payment of the application fee of €90,00 (net of bank charges), to be paid by:
    • bank transfer to Banca Popolare di Milano – Tesoreria Comunale – Concorso Pianistico Internazionale Ettore Pozzoli -IBAN IT 70 V 05584 33840 000000019900 indicating the candidate’s name;
    • PayPal on this website (€93,00 charges included).

The entry fee is not refundable.

FIRST STAGE – Preliminary round

In order to participate in the Competition, applicants must submit two video recordings, one lasting 2 minutes and the other lasting between 18 and 22 minutes, according to the instructions listed in the annex to these Rules. The repertoire must include:

  1. one étude by Chopin
  2. one Romantic piece of candidate’s choice
  3. one 20th century piece of candidate’s choice
  4. one piece of candidate’s choice from “Riflessi del Mare” by Ettore Pozzoli

The Ettore Pozzoli’s etude “Riflessi del mare” can be requested at the following address:


Up to 30 candidates will be admitted to the second stage.

Eligible candidates will be examined in an order which will be decided by means of a draw. The order of the candidates’ Competition performances will be drawn the day before auditions.
Only the Chairman of the Jury can change the sequence of a day’s performances due unforeseeable circumstances. For the finals with Orchestra Sinfonica of Milan, the order can be modified for organizational or programmed-related reasons.
Contestants who are not available to perform when required will be disqualified.

The program submitted with the application form is binding and cannot be modified. Each performance must be executed from memory. Repeating a piece already played in other round, is not allowed.

The order of pieces’ performance is at the candidate’s discretion.
Through the proposed pieces, candidates must show their ability to deal with different composers, periods and styles.
Repeats may be included or omitted at the candidate’s discretion, bearing in mind the time limits specified. Should the contestant overrun the time limit, the Jury may stop his/her performance.

All auditions of the competition will be open to the public and will be web-streamed.
All audio-video recordings produced by the Pozzoli Competition are the property of the Competition with regard to commercial rights and other.



A maximum of 20 minutes’ repertoire including:

  1. Two études by different composers chosen among Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Liapounov, Skrjabin, Debussy, Ligeti, Bartok, Rachmaninov, Stravinski;
  2. One Prelude and Fugue from Bach’s “Well-tempered Clavier”;
  3. One piece of candidate’s own choice


Up to 16 contestants will be admitted to the second round.
A maximum of 40 minutes’ repertoire of personal choice including:

  1. a sonata by Beethoven
  2. three études by Ettore Pozzoli selected from:
    • Studi di media difficoltà n. 10, n. 29 and n. 31
    • Studi a moto rapido (candidate’s choice)
    • Studi sulle note ribattute (candidate’s choice)

Candidates wishing to present Beethoven’s Sonata op. 106 may exceed the maximum duration allowed.
The Ettore Pozzoli’s studies can be requested by writing to the following address:


Up to 9 contestants will be admitted to the third round.
A free choice program with a maximum duration of 50 minutes.


Up to 3 contestants will be admitted to the final with orchestra.
Performance of one of the following concertos which will be accompanied by the Orchestra Sinfonica of Milan:

  • Mozart
    E flat major K 271
    G major K 453
    D minor K 466
    C major K 467
    E flat major K 482
    A major K 488
    C minor K 491
    C major K 503
    B flat major K 595
  • Beethoven
    C major op. 15
    B flat major op. 19
    C minor op. 37
    G major op. 58
    E flat major op. 73
  • Chopin
    E minor op. 11
    F minor op. 21
  • Schumann
    A minor op. 54
    E flat major
    A major
  • Brahms
    D minor op. 15
  • Grieg
    A minor op. 16
  • Tchaikovsky
    B flat minor op. 23
  • Rachmaninov
    C minor op. 18
    D minor op. 30

Eligible candidates will be examined by an international Jury consisting of outstanding musicians.
No jurors are allowed to have their own students competing. In this regard, before the start of the Competition, each member of the jury will sign a special statement. In the event that a competitor turns out to have studied or participated in courses with a member of the jury, he/she will be disqualified.
The Mayor of Seregno may attend the Jury’s sessions.
The Competition’s secretary is involved in all activities.
All decisions made by the Jury will be final and unappealable.


First prize

  • 15.000,00 euro
  • Concerts offered by public and private institution to be performed in the two seasons

Second prize

  • 10.000,00 euro

Third prize

  • 5.000,00 euro

Special Prize “Diventerò” Project – Fondazione Bracco for Young People
Prize offered by the Bracco Foundation to the best semifinalist

  • 2.500,00 euro
  • A concert

Special prize Rotary Se.De.Ca.
Prize offered by Rotary Se.De.Ca. for the best performance of the Beethoven Sonata

  • 2.500,00 euro
  • A concert

Special prize to the best performance of the Pozzoli studies
Prize in memory of Professor Angelo Biella (1923-2015), doctor and great passionate and supporter of the Pozzoli Competition since his first editions and Bishop Giuseppe Biella (1906-1967), pupil and colleague of Ettore Pozzoli.

  • 1.000,00 euro

Special prize to the youngest Italian
Prize in memory of Luigi Pontiggia (1919-1987), renowned tenor from Seregno.

  • 1.000,00 euro

Special prize to the youngest foreign
Prize in memory of Giulio Confalonieri (1896-1972), distinguished composer and active promoter of the Competition until 1972.

  • 1.000,00 euro

Special audience prize to the finalist chosen by the public during the final

  • 500,00 euro voucher to purchase methods and music sheets offered by Casa Ricordi, to be spent online (dealers chosen by Casa Ricordi)

Nkoda prize

  • Nkoda yearly subscription to the 3 finalists

An honorary diploma will be awarded to all contestants admitted to the semi-final.

Note: Cash awards may be subjected to Italian income tax laws.

  • An honorary diploma will be awarded to all contestants admitted to the semi-final.
  • Cash awards may be subject to Italian income tax laws.
  • Applicants are requested to inform the office of the competition about the date and time of their arrival in Seregno.
    Neverthless, they are required to appear with a document of identification, for the roll call Tuesday, 26th September 2023 at 5 p.m. at the office of the Pozzoli Competition.
    Latecomers will be excluded from the competition.
  • Candidates will be provided free of charge with:
    – Accommodation from Monday 25th September to Wednesday 4th October 2023
    – Pianos for daily practice
  • Relatives and other attendants must find their own accommodation at their own expense.
  • Registration for the competition implies the implicit acceptance of all the rules of the regulation.
    The executive committee of the International Piano Competition Ettore Pozzoli, reserves the right to make any organizational changes if needed.
    The candidate’s submission of his/her Competition application will mean acceptance of these Rules.
    The Competition organization declines all responsibility in the event of accidents to persons or property during the course of the competition.

For further information and update enquire to:
Segreteria Concorso Pozzoli
Piazza Martiri della Libertà n. 2
20831 SEREGNO (MB) – Italia
Tel.: (+39) 0362 263.541

  • Sunday 30th April 2023
    Application deadline for Preliminary round
  • Thursday 15th June 2023
    Notification to admitted candidates to the Second stage
  • Tuesday 26th September 2023
    Roll call participants and drawing of the performance order
  • Wednesday 27th September 2023
    First round (qualifying)
  • Thursday 28th September 2023
    First Round (qualifying)
  • Friday 29th September 2023
    Second round (qualifying)
  • Saturday 30th September 2023
    Second round (qualifying)
  • Sunday 1st October 2023
    Third round (semifinal)
  • Tuesday 3rd October 2023
    Fourth round (final) with Orchestra Sinfonica of Milan and Award Ceremony

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