Dan Zhao-Yi is a well-known Chinese piano teacher. He is a tenured professor at the Shenzhen Arts School of art and the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. He is also professor at the Central Music Conservatory, the Shanghai Music Conservatory, the Chinese Music Conservatory and the like.
He is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, formerly holding the post of vice president of the Guangdong and the Shenzhen Musician Association. Presently, he assumes office as the consultant of the Piano Society of the Chinese Musicians Association and as the honorary president of the Shenzhen Piano Association.
He graduated from the Piano Department of the Sichuan. Dan Zhao-Yi achieved great success in more than 50 years of his piano teaching. His most famous students Li Yundi, Chen Sa and Zhang Haochen won prizes one after another in the Chopin International Piano Competition in Poland, the Leeds International Piano Competition in Great Britain, the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in the United States and other top competitions in the world. His other students, including Zuo Zhang, He Qizhen, Xue Xiaoqiu, Pan Linzi, Gu Jingdan, Xu Qi, made outstanding achievements in international competitions. A total of 26 students received 63 prizes in international piano competitions, including 24 first prizes.
Dan Zhao-Yi has been committed in theoretical research on piano teaching. During his free time, he continues to write, publish monographs, a dozen books and theses.
He has also written a summary containing an in-depth reflection on the basic theory of the piano, incorporating decades of teaching experience with the knowledge acquired from his systematic studies contained in the book “Basic Piano Course in A New Way”. The book edited by him and published by the People’s Music Publishing House, will make a positive impact on standardizing and guiding the basic piano teaching.
Professor Dan Zhao-Yi thanks to outstanding achievements, won national, provincial and municipal awards for more than twenty times.


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