Il Pozzolino turns into “Tribute to Elsa Pozzoli”

 In Pozzolino

“Tribute to Elsa Pozzoli”. This is the new name chosen for the international competition dedicated to the young pianists. This contest for some years has been supporting and completing the International Piano Competition Ettore Pozzoli. The first four editions were known as “il Pozzolino”: for this year edition, which will take place from 18th and 22nd November, it has been decided a new name inspired by Ettore Pozzoli’s only daughter. The competition’s notice has been published in recent days and the registrations will be officially opened 2nd May. 2020.

“The project of combining, on alternate years the ‘young’ competition, to the official ‘Pozzoli’ is interesting and important – highlights Federica Perelli, Seregno’s cultural councillor – the Administration is involved to pursue and promote this experience. Several professionals unanimously pointed out that the name “Pozzolino” was inadequate, therefore, an obstacle to the growth of the competition on the international scene. Following this observation, we imagined a new denomination, to treasure the sense of completion of the junior competition compared to the major one, which has today 31 edition in the Winner’s list, but at the same time could instil a note of further enthusiasm. Eventually we opted for a tribute, very evocative and romantic I think, to Ettore Pozzoli’s true guiding light, his daughter Elsa. Besides, with this new name we revive Pozzoli’s name with no changes, to make it more comprehensible to foreign language audience”.

Ettore Pozzoli and his wife Gina Gambini only had one daughter Elsa. Born in 1903, she had a very short life, she died for a fever at the age of 3. The tragic event marked indelibly Ettore Pozzoli’s life, not only as a man but as a composer too. His biographers emphasises that after this episode Ettore Pozzoli intensified his teacher and composer activity, with the aim of better accompanying young people on the path of learning music. His great love and his great sorrow for his daughter Elsa became the extraordinary engines of his artistic activity.

“We like to imagine – explains Federica Perelli – that Ettore Pozzoli looked at his young student with kind fathering gaze, the same compassionate view which could guides the young artists of the Elsa Competition to prepare the contest.”

“Elsa Pozzoli” competition, that in November celebrate the fifth edition (in continuity with Pozzolino’s tradition), will be destined to pianists born from the 1st January 2003 divided in four age groups. The programme will be set on the age group, but to each one of them will be required to perform studies or pieces of Ettore Pozzoli.

The Competition’s history is still new, but already in the winner’s list we can read names that are becoming important on the international scene. Eva Ghevorghian a 17 years old international star, Mattias Antonio Glavinic, 12 years old and fresh winner of the International Piano Competition “YOUNG VIRTUOSO” of Zagreb absolute first prize, and Elia Cecino that, few months ago, was one of the finalists of the 31st International Piano Competition Ettore Pozzoli. The aim of this “Tribute to Elsa Pozzoli” competition is to confirm the international relevance of the event and bring the attention on talents who can express themselves in more important contexts.

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