In OltrE il Pozzoli

Not only teacher, Ettore Pozzoli was also an authoritative composer. The opening night of the International Piano Competition will also be an opportunity to learn about a lesser-known part of the seregnese composer’s repertoire, that is the works dedicated to performing the accordion. The appointment is for Tuesday, September 24, at 9 pm, in the Auditorium of Piazza Risorgimento. The protagonists will be Giorgio Dellarole, Ezio Ghibaudo, Sergio Scappini and Paolo Vignani who will perform all the passages that Ettore Pozzoli dedicated to the accordion: Valzer da Concerto (1953), Fantasia in la minore (1953), Tema e Variazioni (1954), Alba d ‘ Aprile (1954), Canti Popolari d’altri tempi (1955),  Danza fantastica (1956). Furthermore, Canti popolari d’altri tempi, fantasia folcloristica will be proposed and performed, score for accordion quartet that was recently transcribed by Ezio Ghibaudo and published by Casa Ricordi. The evening will also feature the musicologist Ivano Bettin, editorial coordinator of the classical section for Casa Ricordi (partner of the Competition and historical publisher of Pozzoli’s works), and Davide Anzaghi, composer emeritus of the Conservatory of Music Milan. Anzaghi’s testimony will be particularly significant: the eighty-three-year-old Milanese musician was, in fact, a pupil of Ettore Pozzoli, a pupil whose seregnese master had particular esteem, so much so that he dedicated his accordion compositions to him.

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